Manufacturing Rubber Parts & Rubber Products with Quality Orientation and on time Delivery

We manufacture quality rubber parts with 44 years experience in custom moulded rubber parts and synthetic component parts for Thai market and overseas market since 1974.

Through our dedication to building partnership with our customers, we have committed to a long term business relationship in the OEM Rubber industry. We offer our products and service for natural rubber and synthetic rubber (EPDM, NBR, HNBR, ACM, SBR, CR, FKM, VMQ, PVC) to our customers from the conceptual phase or specific design to production. Our reliable technical staff focus on cooperating with our customers to ensure the best quality and the most economical way to manufacture your products.

O ring, rubber seal, rubber spaceports, motorcycle rubber parts, automotive rubber parts, rubber grommet, rubber components, customer moulded rubber parts, rubber products, mould rubber parts, Honda motorcycle rubber parts.
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